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Product description

Zaha Armchair Inspired by the work of Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid, the Zaha armchair features fluid lines that integrate adjacent planes and infinite curves that blur the boundaries between outside and inside. This radical organicity, which delves into the essence of cell morphology, seeks inspiration for a new approach to design.


An exclusive creation by Daniela Ferro for Empório das Cadeiras, the Zaha armchair surprises with its fluid wooden arms, completely curvilinear, which wrap around the upholstery on the back and base, creating an exoskeleton of organic lines that enclose the rounded seat and back. Extremely comfortable, Zaha offers a design that combines boldness and elegance, showcasing the best qualities of high-standard joinery from Empório das Cadeiras.

Poltrona Zaha - Mel claro - Tec 813 (4) - espelhada.png
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Product Details

Measures (W x D x H)

82 cm X 85 cm X 71 cm

Additional measures


Seat height - 45 cm

Seat depth - 62 cm

Arm height - 56 cm








3D Block

Poltrona Zaha - Mel claro - Tec 813 (1).png
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