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An armchair to tranform your home into your temple

Product description

The Tibet Line, as the name says, was inspired by the Tibet region and the spiritualist movement from this region, considered the highest in the world. The design brings this Zen vibe to a contemporary aesthetic.

The wooden structure was inspired by the portals of the temples, which explains the bent legs with a “grounded” aspect, firm to the ground to support the structure above it.

The upholstered structure, on the other hand, is an allusion to the meditative posture, of the lotus, often found in Buddha images.

The side sashes were inspired by a clothing taken from an image of monk Coen in a lotus position.

This is a piece of furniture that reminds us of Zen, peace, contact with nature and everything that is natural.

An armchair to transform your house into your temple.

The line extends with the Tibet bench with 1 and 3 seats, which follow the inspiration of the mother piece, the Armchair.

Poltrona Tibet Tapeçada - Mel Claro - Te
Poltrona Tibet Tapeçada - Mel Claro - Te

Product Details

Measures (W x D x H)

84 cm X 82 cm X 71 cm

Additional measures ​


Seat height - 15 cm

Seat depth - 56 cm

Arm height - 61 cm








3D Block


Poltrona Tibet Tapeçada - Mel Claro - Te
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