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An armchair made to envelop an unporalleled comfort.

Product description

A collection developed to create items to explore the ergonomics and comfort with excellence, without giving up aesthetics, this collection represents the right balance between two worlds with equal importance. 

The concept of the collection is based on the “lapels” of the blazers and winter coats that feature this component with an abundance of central shape, which in their aesthetics convey an imposing and sophisticated air, we explored these qualities to create a collection that, above all, combined with various ways of to be explored, in a flexible way, the collection adds several coating options and allows the combination of different materials arranged in its comfortable shell, produced in a malleable material that adapts to the body's curves and embraces with a soft and pleasant touch. It rationally allows the use of Collana chairs, armchairs and ottomans for long periods of time, the flexibility of the backrest is combined with a strong solid wood structure machined by CNC machines that add concept and embrace the upholstered portion, a rigid structure, but fluid in its aesthetics, which ensure a visual impact.

Poltrona Collana - Base fixa 3.png
Poltrona Collana - Base fixa.png

Product Details

Measures (W x D x H)

91 cm X 80 cm X 75 cm



Additional measures ​


Seat height - 41 cm

Seat depth - 60 cm

Arm height - 66 cm






3D Block


Poltrona Collana - Base fixa 4.png
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