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"Fourth Dimension of the Object".

Product description

The “Astral” armchair is Lattoog´s latest launch for Empório das Chairs and is the youngest of a family of furniture affectionately named by the designers as “Viralatas Series”.

The series first brought the concept of design-fusion in which the design of two pieces of furniture, in general classic modernists, are merged (or syncretized) to result in a third design of an original and completely different piece of furniture from the others, but with a strong “genetic load” of its generative matrices. A concept invented by Lattoog in 2005 that has been a great influencer for designers from Brazil and abroad as well. Here, strong but subtle references to Brazilian roots and culture are presented: Miscegenation, syncretism and... “viralatismo”.

Astral was born from the fusion of the shapes of the curved wooden Tank armchair by the famous Finnish architect Alvar Aalto with the BKF armchair (also known as Butterfly) by the Austral Argentinian group created in 1938. The result is a piece with a strong conceptual-cultural narrative that is independent of its visual characteristics. An attribute that the designers, Leonardo and Pedro, named few years ago as the “Fourth Dimension of the Object”.

Poltrona Astral - 3.png
Poltrona Astral - 1.png

Product Details

Measures (W x D x H)

96 cm X 85 cm X 82 cm

Additional measures ​


Seat height - 42 cm

Seat depth - 55 cm








3D Block


Poltrona Astral - 4.png
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