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The delicacy of curves and fine lines creating robustness.

Product description

The Dry Chair has its concept worked in a mixed form, seeking the essence of a modern classic with interesting details, a detailed and thorough work in wood, variable thicknesses and shapes that transform along its lines, well defined, give life to a coherent and comfortable object, a chair developed from the clinical eye on the ergonomic and proportion, to balance aesthetics with comfort. In development, one of the focuses of the Project was the versatility of the collection, with interesting and distinct versions, where laminated or fabric-covered backs and versions with or without arms were implemented, to create a sophisticated collection that adapts to different environments in an exquisite way.

Cadeira Dry CB - Laminada 801 (3).png
Cadeira Dry CB - Laminada 801 (1).png

Product Details

Measures (W x D x H)

21.26 in X 20.87 in X 32.28 in


With arm

No arm

Additional measures

Seat height - 18.11 in
Seat depth - 16.54 in
Arm height - 25.59 in






3D Block

Cadeira Dry CB - Laminada 801 (2).png
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