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The subtle geometry of wood.

Product description

Product Details

The concept behind EVO stools is rooted in the harmonious fusion of geometric shapes and their relationships, combined with a modern interpretation of wooden archetypes. These characteristics inspire the designers' lines in composing the Evo Stool, a creation that represents their formal evolution combined with 100% solid wood, CNC machined, and finished by hand. This project directly embodies the union between the designers' values and the industry, as well as the real balance between automation and industrial definition in synergy with manual finishing. The goal is to create a product that values ergonomics and offers comfort, without sacrificing the aesthetic virtues that aim to make an impact with its unique, light, minimalist design full of details. In the backrest portion, also in solid wood resembling a flying sheet of paper, we aimed for a minimum thickness of 6mm. This pursuit of delicacy is present in all elements of the stool, capturing the structural essence of carefully selected solid blocks.

Measures (W x D x H)

16.93 in X 16.54 in X 40.55 in


Wooden Seat

Upholstered Seat

Additional measures

Seat height - 28.74 in
Seat depth - 16.93 in






3D Block


Banqueta Evo 1.png
Banqueta Evo 3.png
Banqueta Evo 4.png
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