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A luxurious joinery, assembled technology is used to manufacture our products, a handmade finishing design and the caring to reproduce all for the greatest names of Brazilian designers are the differentials which have been keeping Empório das Cadeiras for over 20 years as one of the top leading manufacturers.

The passion for the joinery comes from the love that Celia and Gilmar Trovo have of working with wood, who insist on following all the manufacturing process of all their products, refining in a rigorous way of choosing their suppliers and using the best products available, skilled labors, continuous technology investment and modern manufacture process.

“This caring is critical to make our products innovative and contemporaneous, in addition to attempt new design”

Célia Trovo

The brand proposes innovation from the most sober, classic and minimalist style, passing through the geometric to the most versatile and contemporary. These characteristics allow the creation of new formats and bring a unique splendor and personality to the productions. Under the brand's curatorship, there are some of the most renowned designers in the authorial scene, who together create original, exclusive and contemporary pieces that make up different environments around the world.


In addition to the pieces signed by national and international designers such as Lattoog, Daniel Simonini, Daniela Ferro, Eduardo Bortolai, Estevam Carvalhares, among others, the brand counts on the Empório Studio, an internal laboratory, where Célia Trovo, partner-owner of Empório das Cadeiras, coordinates her own experimental creation team. She combines the knowledge of her professional background, such as her life experiences and inspirations, with the pieces developed and idealizes the composition and pieces production with unique personality and format.

The pieces manufactured by Empório can be found in the main stores in the national and international luxury segment, such as Miami and Los Angeles, in the United States.

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