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LATTOOG, more than a fusion between the names of the partners, the architect Leonardo Lattavo and the designer Pedro Moog, is the proposal of an innovative experience in design and architecture, characterized by the plurality of two different but complementary formations. What from 1998 to 2003 was just a hobby, a creativity exercise was a part of the duo´s artistic activities – which also included painting, sculpture and drawing – officially becomes, in 2004, their main occupation.

Pedro Moog

Self-taught designer with academic background in Business Administration. He has been working in the design field since 1997 with his own design company – Moog Studio which later merged with Lattoog design. He has worked with architecture, design and plastic arts as well as Leonardo.

Leonardo Lattavo

Architect and Urban Planner with a Masters in Architecture from the University College of London. Between 1997 and 2004 he lived in London working as an architect. After this period he returned to Brazil to open the Studio Lattoog together with Pedro Moog. Today he works in the fields of design and fine arts and is also a professor at the Pontificia Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-RJ) and other academic institutions.


Daniel Simonini

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A large part of the cultural and aesthetic references of Daniel Simonini from São Paulo come from Italy. After studying industrial design at the Instituto Europeo di Design and having a master's degree at the Scuola Politécnica di Design, it was also in Milan that he opened his studio. Since then, he has been operating on a global level, with São Paulo as one of his stops. A minimalist by vocation, Simonini, who in his early years worked with design masters such as Ferruccio Laviani, Piero Lissoni, Rodolfo Dordoni and Roberto Palomba, in the development of his design methodology from these rich experiences that provided an engagement, further deepening and concentration of his skills as a Designer who always, in each project, starts from scratch, without previous references, but, most of the time, from graphic concepts or innovative materials, with a special interest in organic forms organized in a rational way with special attention to each single detail that as a whole turns his objects into harmonic and unique creations.


Daniela Ferro

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Daniela Ferro graduated in design by the Federal University of Paraná. Since the beginning of her career, she has been dedicated herself in furniture design and has an extensive portfolio of her creations, which includes all types of furniture wooden chairs and armchairs, upholstery, dining and living room furniture, outdoor furniture.

Inspired by Bauhaus designers and their radically modern aesthetics, from the Danes to the greatest Brazilian masters of the 50s and 60s, Daniela moves with ease and passion through the universe of contemporary Brazilian design, launching new and remarkable creations each year.

Her design is characterized by concise and expressive lines, harmonious proportions and comfort. The pieces Daniela signs show originality and charisma that match the aspirations of the final consumers who testify the maturity os a passionate professional trajectory.


Eduardo Bortolai

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Edu graduated from the College of Fine Arts of SP in product design (2001) and specialized in manufacturing and forms of furniture production; Brazilian woods in sustainable management and reforestation and studied furniture design at Angélica Santi school.

Part of his early career took place at TOK&STOK, where he worked as an indoor designer, designing furniture and accessories and working with artistic creation and production of catalogs and scenography for events and environments; with quality reviews, product management and marketing planning.

In 2011, he invited his sister, Cris Bortolai, to create the STUDIO[B]DESIGN.

In 2014, they created the brand Edu Bortolai and direct two offices.

Edu has been accumulating awards and participating of important national and international fairs and exhibitions; his pieces have already been exhibited during design weeks in New York, Milan, Miami and São Paulo, at MON in Curitiba and at MCB in São Paulo.

Edu believes that design must be intrinsic to all esthetic, technical and commercial knowledge wherefore he creates with an understanding of manufacturing methods and the correct use of raw materials, uses creativity to improve the logistics and fits sustainability at consumption chain.

On his creations he studies to represent Brazilianness in a contemporary way.

What enchants him, turns into furniture, as he believes that home is a house with stories to tell.

He keeps on expanding with a national and international focus, showing that a culture created by so many others can result in a design with a unique personality.


Estevam de Carvalhaes

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Founded in 2000 by Estevam de Carvalhaes in 1992 as a university joke – and which ended up becoming a subject of extreme dedication, the agency has already had the help of countless collaborators in the most diverse areas of “Decor creation”.


Estevam began his career in 1998, graduating in product design from FAAP in 2001. Covering a vast portfolio – from products to advertising campaigns – his brand was awarded twice by iBest.


He gained experience at the beginning of his career with Marketing and Visual Programming, but soon moved towards decoration, collaborating with well-known companies such as Etna Homestore, Clami, among others.


Improved product line and mix management, bringing appropriate proposals for each case, according to market trends and potential niche demonstrated by the client.


Tri design therefore ended up becoming a network of collaborators. Estevam is concerned not only with the product itself, but with all the support material and scenario necessary for the sale and acceptance of the line.


Today he is dedicated to aligning the lines of factories and stores in the sector. Relying not only on our own design, but mainly on partner designers and creating the necessary bridge between industry and independent professionals. Some well-known names in design appeared to the public through its curation.


Empório design studio

The pieces signed by Empório das Cadeiras Studio are designed from beginning to the end by the part-owner Célia Trovo, who carries out all the development of the pieces with the engineers and joiners.

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