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A stool with the flexibility and lightness of wings

Product description

Many solutions and alternatives make up a complete collection of chairs, which offer several variants for the backrest, and arms. Flexibility and lightness are the key words for the creation of a collection that is based on the concept of the wings - "Wing", where we started from the observation of the B-52 planes, this inspiration led us to create a collection where the formal part presents itself with smooth elements, harmonic transitions and fine thicknesses. Our goal was to abstract as much as possible the figurative elements of the concept and present it in a 3D way, so that they are present in all parts of the products that make up this line. Incorporated into the products and our philosophy we have the golden ratio, cutting-edge elaboration and noble and solid raw materials, which complement the conceptual elements, as well as the practicality of products that offer much comfort in addition to aesthetic flexibility, with the intention of generating an essential collection, but with many details that give life to a collection that allows to participate in people’s lives in a light, pleasant and positive way. These attributes are presented through versions for all tastes, uniform backrest in wood with retractable coating (like a glove), partially cast or entirely cast covered by straw or others, this structure can be attached to the arms, cast or coated.

Banqute wing Mista 3.png
Banqute wing Mista 1.png

Product Details

Measures (W x D x H)

16.54 in X 17.72 in X 38.98 in

Additional measures

Seat height - 29.13 in
Seat depth - 16.54 in









3D Block


Banqute wing Mista 4.png
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